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Five Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The suggested gift to celebrate a five year wedding anniversary is wood. Wood is tough, strong and symbolises the durability and strength of a marriage. Wood is also full of (perfect) imperfections, unpredictable and unique, also many characteristics of a marriage, or indeed a partner!

Choose your favourite wedding photograph and let Little Memory Shop turn it into a beautiful and truly personal anniversary gift. Professional wedding photography often works so well on wood as the pictures are of such great quality and composition. As they are often taken outdoors with natural light and beautiful backdrops, the colours blend gracefully into the wood grain, and twinned with the rustic qualities of the handmade process can create some truly captivating personal art.

There is a range of real wood and plywood gifts available, perfect gifts for weddings, civil ceremonies, anniversaries and engagements. Any Little Memory Shop creations can be sent direct as a gift with a handwritten card included. Just ask!

Unique and emotional gifts, picked with purpose and given with feeling.

Five year anniversary is wood, don’t forget!

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