Thank you so much for my lovely baubles Susan

Helen Edinburgh

Elmer Wee Slice

Right up my street! Thank you so much ? It’s gorgeous ❤️

Sarah Edinburgh

Susan thank you sooo much they are beautiful I know my mum will absolutely love them you have a fantastic talent x will most definitely be recommending you xx

Jen Edinburgh

Oh my goodness I LOVE them! They are epic!

Rachel Edinburgh

Thank you so much, perfect wedding anniversary gift

Caroline Freuchie

The slices and baubles are really fabulous!! Thank you SO much for the one of me and my husband! Love it!!!

Gina Edinburgh

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wee slice and extra bauble! They are beautiful and will be loved

Hannah Edinburgh

Hi Susan, the baubles are gorgeous! Thank you so much. The only problem is I want to keep them all myself - but I'll try not to!

Catherine Edinburgh

OMG they are amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Carolyn Edinburgh

Omg I love them thank you so much they’re amazing and thank you for the extras you’re so kind. Literally going through my Christmas list to see who I need to buy for and think I’ll get 1 for myself too. X

Anna Louise Edinburgh

I love my bauble! Great quality and amazing service. Thanks Susan.

Anna Edinburgh

Thank you so so much! It’s beautiful!

Ashleigh Gorebridge

Omg I love them sooooo much nicer than I ever imagined

Kerri Edinburgh

They are beautiful, thank you! The grandparents will love them too ?

Heather Edinburgh

Thanks for those, lovely and unique way to save the photo!

Stuart Edinburgh

Thank you so much for our lovely little memory! It’s excellent - for all the detail and neutral tones to still show up on the wood - absolutely brilliant! Honestly, that’s how I’d want all my photos printed if I had the choice.

Ailsa Suffolk

They are great Susan thank you! They are for my Aunt who hasn’t seen her twin grandkids for 18months as they live in Brazil. She will love these!

Patricia Edinburgh

Hi there. I am absolutely DELIGHTED with the Christmas decorations, the others will all love them too!

Jennifer Edinburgh

Thanks so much for my wee ornaments. Grandparents will be so delighted with them. They are lovely ❤

Ellie Edinburgh

We just got our envelope! They are fab, thank you so much!!!

Anne Edinburgh