Wood Slices (6.5cm-9cm)


Natural wood slices made with your favourite photographs creating a truly unique gift with a rustic homely feel. A gorgeous gift for memories of friends and family and special occasions.

As the wood is naturally round, corners and edges of pictures will be cropped to fit so please choose a photograph with plenty of space around the focal point.

After ordering please email your photograph over. Please be sure to include your name and order number in the message. Thank you.

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Due to the very nature of wood, these slices aren’t perfect circles or a specific fixed size. Images are set to the wood with a delicate hand transfer technique, and the unique markings and wood grain mean every print comes out differently. The grain showing through the images, imperfections, and somewhat distressed effect that can occur creates a personal and truly beautiful piece of rustic wood art. If the picture is very dark it is harder for the wood to absorb the colour, so brighter outdoor photos generally work better.

To keep your wood in the best condition please keep it out of direct sunlight, like any print this will cause it to fade. Avoid getting water on your slice. If you need to dust or clean it please use a dry cloth.

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A – £20 (approx 6.5cm), B – £25 (approx 8.5cm-9cm)